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Opimian offers three wine programs: Discovery, Select Plus and Founders’ Choice. All three showcase great value for money wines, yet they do suit somewhat different interests. Whether you decide to embark on an exploratory journey or want to enjoy a more premium selection, the process stays the same. Members enrolled in one of our wine programs don’t have to worry about deadlines or ordering procedures since Opimian automatically places an order on their behalf with every new Cellar Offering. Your preferred payment will be used, then your wine is shipped and we will send you a Pick Up Notice indicating where to pick it up.

Our Opimian Wine Programs. Just one more unique benefit of being an Opimian member. So join today and sign up for one or more of these amazing programs. 

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Eager to learn your way around the world of wine or simply enjoy a selection of bottles for everyday drinking? The Discovery program has it all. Over the course of the year, members enrolled in this program receive one mixed case of six bottles from a featured supplier. These wines are all for immediate drinking so you can indulge in one or two the moment they get to you. Whether you’re new to Opimian or fancy hopping on an introductory tour of the world of wine, we recommend this route. 

Members previously enlisted in the Select program will now automatically be converted to our Discovery program.

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Select Plus


Delve into a versatile selection of bottles and explore the four corners of the world of wine. This program features both early drinkability and mid-term aging potential bottles so you can enjoy some now and lay the others down. Throughout the year, Select Plus members receive one mixed case of six bottles per Cellar Offering. These wines may all be enjoyed young but will benefit from some maturing time. The ideal program for those who wish to expand their horizons and refine their palate one bottle at a time.

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Founders' Choice

A collector’s dream. Dedicated to the spirit of our Founders, this program presents only the finest wines our very own Master of Wine Jane Masters has handpicked and tasted over the past year. The wines featured here are exclusive to this program and don’t appear on our Cellar Offerings. Made up of six bottles of a premium wine with a dedicated back label and a special message with tasting notes from the producer, each of the cases you will receive represents the very best our producers have to offer. These bottles offer long-term aging potential so you might want to free up space in that cellar … or start building one.

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