Opimian - Cultivate your Curiosity

Opimian is Canada's largest private, yet accessible wine club. We offer our members the chance to discover unique wines, producers and experiences from around the world. Throughout the year members receive ten Cellar Offerings which feature a total of over 500 exclusive wines from boutique wineries all over the world.

Opimian is about more than private import wines hand-picked by our Master of Wine, Jane Masters, personalized Wine Concierge services, and curated wine tastings. It's about guiding and simplifying your compelling journey into the world of wine, creating lasting relationships with our winemakers and telling you the story behind their wines - and making you a part of that story, one sip at a time.

Opimian Wines: from the winemaker to your glass

1. Shop

for Wines Browse through ten Cellar Offerings per year - a selection of hundreds of wines from over 50 producers that change every five weeks.

2. Order

  Place your order directly on our website or via email, mail, phone or fax. It's up to you!

3. Your Order

is processed / Bottled Once they receive your order, our winemakers bottle the wines you've selected and prepare the cases for shipment

4. Shipping

  Your wines are on their way to you, destined for a local liquor store or distribution centre.

5. Pick Up

your Wines Your Wine has arrived! We'll let you know when and where you can pick them up.

6. Discover

Unique Wines Cheers! Enjoy your wines and the myriad of other benefits an Opimian membership offers.