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258: Germany, Austria & Italy


Jane's Coups de Coeur

The Master of Wine's choices for the offering 258


How it works?

Jane Masters, our curator of fine wines, travels the world searching for boutique vineyards and notable winemakers to discover their techniques and sample their wines. Using her expert palate, Jane tastes over 100 wines per Cellar Offering in order to determine which wines embody the essence of the winemaker, region and grape. Then she narrows down the list to between 50 and 60 wines that provide our members with the best value, quality and experience. Only then does a wine make it to the pages of our Cellar Offering. While all wines that appear in the offering meet Jane's exacting standards, there are always a few that stand out from the crowd - her Coups de Cœur.
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"Gerd makes wines that are deliciously approachable and have personality."
"Would happily drink this with a nice big steak."
"My first encounter with this grape, it has rock star appeal."
"Classic, complex and very tasty."

Bird's Eye View

Your Opimian Wine Concierge gave his thoughts about the offering 258


How it works?

In his Bird’s Eye View feature, Carl will select 2 or 3 wines per offering that “catch his eye”. Each wine that is selected is one which Carl has personally tasted a previous vintage. As much as possible, Carl will taste the wine at the time the offering is active and will provide actual tasting notes for that wine. In some cases, it will be a wine that he has had often before and has enjoyed many times. Either way, you can be assured that he is giving his opinion based on having tasted previous vintages of the wine. After all, first-hand knowledge is the best kind of all. And wouldn’t everyone like to have a Bird’s Eye View of the world of wine?
Lot 9696 - Pflüger Dürkheimer Pinot Noir, Qualitätswein, Pfalz, 2016

Wine tasted: Lot 9197 - Pflüger Dürkheimer Pinot Noir, Qualitätswein, Pfalz, 2015

In some minds, German Pinot Noir is an excellent alternative to pricy red Burgundys. I must say that the 2015 version of my Bird’s Eye View goes a long way to supporting this view. This clear and brilliant ruby-coloured wine invites you in through your eyes. The highlights on the nose and palate were the fresh red fruit - raspberry, currants and red cherry – and the medium (+) intensity of the flavours and aromas. The wine was dry with nice crisp acidity and soft but lengthy tannins. 
Medium alcohol and medium (+) body gives this wine great balance overall. The concentrated fruit and acidity provides a delicious medium (+) length finish to this well-structured wine. The 2015 is very approachable now, but could improve with age. We paired this wine with chimichurri marinated steak fajitas and nachos – SERIOUSLY!!
  • Appearance: Clear ruby wine with a brilliant hue
  • Nose: Clean, medium (+) intensity of red fruit – raspberries, red currants and red cherry – and a bit of bell pepper are the primary aromas. A slight aroma of smoke provides secondary aroma from oak aging. This wine is still very youthful.
  • Palate: Dry red wine with medium (+) acidity, medium tannins from fruit and medium alcohol. The medium (+) body surrounds the medium (+) intensity of the flavours – raspberries, currants and red cherry predominate. The flavours of green pepper are also present and a bit of smoke and cocoa balance out the zippy red fruit that persists for a medium (+) length on the finish.
  • Conclusion: This is a very good wine that could be enjoyed alongside an equally or slightly higher priced Burgundy. It is a wine that you can drink now but which will improve with about four to six years of aging in a good cellar.

Lot 9702 - Höpler Trockenbeerenauslese, Prädikatswein, Burgenland, 2015

Wine tasted: Lot 8049 - Trockenbeerenauslese, Prädikatswein, 2013, Burgenland


To me this is the star of this offering. Christof takes full advantage of the ideal geographical and climactic conditions and of two varietals that are extremely susceptible to botrytis - Sämling and Welschriesling with some Riesling thrown in for good measure.

The last time I tasted one of Christof’s Trockenbeerenauslese was about 6 months ago. It was the 2013 vintage (lot 8049 from C232). It was lusciously sweet without being cloying. Sweet spices, honey, vanilla and apricots were all present on the nose and the palate. The colour had turned from golden yellow to burnt amber. Tertiary aromas and flavours of roasted pecans and cooked lemon rinds were also present and persisted through a long, delicious finish. Served well chilled this wine makes an exquisite aperitif but can also be paired with peach cobbler or bosc pear poached in a little bit of the wine.


Lot 9734 - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, DOC, 2017, Piersanti 

Wine tasted: Lot 9133 - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, DOC, 2016, Piersanti


Verdicchio is one of the most well-known white grapes of Italy. It is also part of the name of an important white wine DOC in the Marche region of Italy. These wines are generally dry and have white fruit and tropical fruit aromas and flavours. On the palate, one often experiences a nice crisp level of acidity and a medium length lemon citrus finish.

  • Appearance: Clear, lemon-green, bright and crystal
  • Nose: Clean, medium (+) intensity of honey, green apple, mango and wild rose petals. Slightly flinty. Very youthful.
  • Palate: Dry white wine with medium acidity, medium alcohol and medium (+) body. the flavours are of medium (+) intensity of green apple, mango, flowers and a touch of gun metal. crisp acidity and lemon citrus nuances are present on the medium length finish for this very good wine. this wine is ready to drink now and will not improve with age.
  • Conclusion: I paired this wine with a juicy hamburger, balsamic marinated grilled portobello mushrooms and crisp green salad with a creamy Dijon “Caesar-style” dressing.