Founders' Choice

Invest in your…

Cellar, palate, experience – the Founders’ Choice program will enrich many aspects of your life… it will refine your palate and develop your cellar. Enroll today to automatically receive a premium case of wine from eight different suppliers every year.


Dedicated to the spirit of our Founders, the quality of these wines is unsurpassed. Over 60 suppliers are approached each season, but only eight are selected for Founders’ Choice. This is Opimian’s most exclusive program; these wines are specially crafted for this one time offering, an expression of our Founders’ vision of excellence.


No need to stress over deadlines.  When you enroll, Opimian will place your order on your behalf… automatically, with every Cellar Offering. Immerse yourself in the experience and discover the uniqueness of the Founders’ Choice program.

Let us inspire you!

Founders’ Choice is one of two wine programs Opimian offers each wine ordering season. Over the course of the year, members enrolled in this program receive eight cases of premium wine, one for each Cellar Offering.

This program is for members who are looking to expand their cellars and refine their palate. Founders’ Choice is a hidden jewel among Opimian’s wine selection – rare with many unique facets that reveal something new with each case.

How does it work?

Opimian automatically places an order on your behalf for the Founders’ Choice case (not available to order individually). We charge you via the payment method currently held in our files. Your wine is shipped and next thing you know, you receive a Pick Up Notice indicating where to pick up your wine.

In order to enroll in Founders' Choice, you must be a member.

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What is in your Founders’ Choice case?

Six bottles of one premium wine with a dedicated back label and a special message with tasting notes from the winemaker.