Opimian’s Background


As a non-profit, private import wine club, we bring the enjoyment of wine to Canadians across the country through expert sources, quality suppliers, fine wines, affordable prices, knowledgeable staff and exciting events.



Imagine, if you will, stepping into your local liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine, only to find that a mere three options were available on the shelves - generic French red, random Spanish white and a rosé of unknown origin (perhaps from Bordeaux?). In 1973, the founders of Opimian didn’t have to imagine. This, or rather something that would seem very much like it to us nowadays, was the reality of the wine selection in Canada.

Our British-born founders took a close look at the quality of wine offered in Canada through the provincial liquor boards and compared it to what they, as well-travelled oenophiles, knew was available worldwide. They noticed a large gap there, one that needed to be filled; and fill it they did.

The Opimian Society, as we were called then, was created as a non-profit private import wine club dedicated to providing members with the Total Wine Experience. This experience included a limited selection of wines sourced by Master of Wine Kenneth Christie, our first wine consultant. These wines appeared four (six?) times a year in Cellar Offers, which members would browse, select wines and mail in their orders. As membership increased, we started hosting tastings, events, tours and even face-to-face meetings with suppliers.

After over 40 years as Canada’s premier wine club, we have changed our name (simply “Opimian”), rebranded our Cellar Offers (they’re now called “Cellar Offerings ”) and created new programs (like Founders’ ChoiceOpimian Select , Mosaic and Wine for 2) to ensure that every member, no matter where they are in their wine journey, will find a vino perfectly suited to their tastes. After all, as it says above, our mission is to bring the enjoyment of wine to Canadians across the country, and that’s what we have done.

We have more than 16,000 members in 27 chapters across Canada, each with an appointed Opimian Area Representative. These wine-loving local representatives are the face of Opimian in your community. If you’re a member, login to your account  and start selecting your wines! If you’re just visiting, have a look around - and feel free to contact us  if you have any questions.