Wine Consultant


What is a Master of Wine

Master of Wine is recognized as the highest achievement in the global wine community and equips those that have attained the qualification with a unique understanding and set of skills for dealing with all aspects of the business of wine. For more than 50 years the Institute of Masters of Wine has been promoting professional excellence and the highest educational standards in the art, science and business of wine: leading to the qualification of Master of Wine. 

~ From the Institute of Masters of Wine

Jane Masters MW

Opimian's Master of Wine from 2011-Present

Jane Masters, MW is a fresh face with a different perspective on wine. A graduate of Bordeaux’s famous Institut d’Oenologie, Jane was elected to the Institute of Masters of Wine in 1997. In the United Kingdom, Jane worked for Marks & Spencer, with responsibility for the technical management of wine supply and quality assurance. Having almost single-handedly managed a purchasing budget equal to that of most of the Liquor Boards, Jane knows about pressure.

Jane is currently the Deputy Vice Chair of the Council of the Institute of Masters of Wine; she regularly speaks at industry seminars and finds time to be a Panel Chair for the International Wine Challenge, all of which she fits seamlessly into her busy social life living close to London and in the south of France.

Kenneth Christie MW

Opimian’s Master of Wine from 1973 - 2011

In 1969, Kenneth Christie MW was the youngest of 60 to be included in the ranks of the male-dominated Institute of Masters of Wine. The Institute’s reputation as the centre of wine knowledge is unrivalled. When Opimian appointed Kenneth Christie MW in 1973 as their first wine consultant, it was a testament to the quality of wine our founders desired to bring to Canadians across the country.

Kenneth’s efforts and persistence provided members with premium wine, varied selection and informative tasting notes while he forged connections for Opimian with suppliers worldwide. 40 years later, Kenneth reflects on what has been achieved, stating that “Opimian is more vibrantly important in Canada than ever before, as it seeks the best wines from the most innovative producers. “

Kenneth retired in 2011 making way for new tastes and expertise while forever leaving his mark on Opimian and Canada.