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Opimian is pleased to offer members memorable tours to wine-producing countries and mini-tours inside and outside of Canada. These top notch tours focus on the vineyards and people that supply our wines, but there is always time during the trips put aside for members to do a little of their own exploring.

All the details like ground transportation, hotels, vineyard tours, and tastings are taken care of by our experienced staff. Tours are all inclusive. We are happy to present our schedule of major tours. Details for all trips will be kept current as updated information becomes available. If a particular tour interests you, please call us at 1.800.361.9421.

Details for all trips will be kept current as updated information becomes available.
If a particular tour interests you, please email us at [email protected].

Savour the taste of California

August 5-10, 2016

Join NWT Area Representatives Gillian Dawe-Taylor & Simon Taylor for a fabulous tour of some of California’s top wineries, including OPIMIAN Suppliers: Blue Rock Vineyards Hook & Ladder Vineyard Cambridge California Cellars Enjoy wine tastings at 9 wineries, delicious meals prepared by Winery Chefs and relaxation and luxurious accommodations at The Meritage Resort and Spa at the southern tip of Napa Valley.

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Beyond Verona & Venice Sold Out

October 2-11, 2016

"Beyond Verona & Venice" is an amazing tour reflecting the best of north­eastern Italy. It starts in Milan and runs from October 2nd to the 11th. The wines of this area are recognized as among the best in the world. The itinerary touches beautiful villages, lakes and alpine valleys, as well as romantic towns like Bellagio, Sondrio and Verona. This tour ends in canal ­laced Venice, a perfect opportunity to extend your vacation and explore this iconic gem in much more detail on your own.

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Inside Toscana & Piedmonte Sold Out

October 14-23, 2016 

For many, thoughts of Tuscany result in an immediate love affair with Italy's north­western regions. From October 14th to the 23rd, our tour "Inside Toscana & Piemonte" will romance your senses while celebrating the Italian penchant for hospitality, good food and of course, magnificent wine. More Brunello please! This tour starts in Rome, manages to squeeze in a Tuscan cooking class, and before ending in the fabled city of Florence, explores the medieval villages of Cinque Terre.

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Do to the popularity of this event, a 2nd tour date has been added September 21-30, 2016.  Click here for more information otherwise please contact Gerry Fikis at [email protected] for more details.