Wine Tours

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Opimian is pleased to offer members memorable tours to wine-producing countries and mini-tours inside and outside of Canada. These top notch tours focus on the vineyards and people that supply our wines, but there is always time during the trips put aside for members to do a little of their own exploring. All the details like ground transportation, hotels, vineyard tours, and tastings are taken care of by our experienced staff. Tours are all inclusive.

Details for all trips will be kept current as updated information becomes available.
If a particular tour interests you, please email us at [email protected].


Our travel partner Ensemble Travel Group

Established in 1968, Ensemble Travel Group is a proactive, member-owned organization of approximately 850 top-tier, independent travel agencies in the US and Canada with newly expanded presence in Australia/New Zealand. The Opimian’s partnership with Ensemble Travel Group, Bon Vivant provides members access to exclusive offers with a select line-up of cruise lines, tour operators, river cruise companies, hotels and airlines.

Ensemble Travel Group Bon Vivant specialists are experts in the area of culinary and wine tourism they can help you customize the perfect holiday anywhere around the world and take advantage of the special Opimian offers. It’s an exciting new partnership that we hope will help take you around the world with Opimian (and Ensemble Travel Group)!

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