The above video was prepared by Opimian’s Alsatian supplier, Cave Vinicole Hunawihr. It leads you through their estate, follows them through the winemaking process – from picking to bottling – and finally tours their extensive cellar. Enjoy!

Click here to view a video from our Chilean supplier, Villard Estate.

Wine Education is at the forefront of Opimian’s Total Wine Experience. Whether you’re a wine novice or an experienced connoisseur, Opimian offers you an opportunity to learn more about the wine you are drinking.

Education begins with your Cellar Offering (catalogue), mailed 8 times per year. Each of the many wines, all EXCLUSIVE to Opimian, are described in detail, often with a human element included. Our Master of Wine works diligently to bring our members a rounded view of each wine we offer – who makes it, where it comes from, what food to pair with it and when to drink it. There is no other source that provides the same level of information and education on the wines they offer.

Are you more hands on? Local Area Representatives hold several Wine Tastings and Dinner events each year, all with a focus on Education…and fun! Swirl, sip, learn, and enjoy a meal paired with a selection of Opimian wine.

Our newsletter, Opimian News, is packed full of information. Learn about new grape varieties in every issue, catch up on Global Wine News, hear about the latest innovations and get Kenneth Christie’s, Master of Wine, opinion on everything from vintage port to wine cellar temperature.

In addition, Quench magazine provides members with a look at the world’s wine scene from a Canadian perspective.