Jane Masters MW

"Being an MW I've learned that high standards require hard work, and that there is no one correct formula nor easy way to achieve these."  

- Jane Masters MW

Since we first opened up our metaphorical doors, Opimian has always entrusted a Master of Wine with the selection of its wines. Representing the highest achievement in the wine industry, Masters of Wine have studied everything wine related, tasted wines from around the world and tested their palate in every way imaginable in order to pass the rigorous tests set out by the Institute of Masters of Wine. Since 2010, it's Jane Masters MW who tastes and puts her stamp of approval onto each and every Opimian bottle. This process, incidentally, embodies Opimian’s values by recognizing that wine goes beyond mere taste – behind every bottle stands a passionate human being. That’s why she personally meets all of Opimian’s producers and visits most of their vineyards.