Opimian Suppliers





Lamblin & Fils

Maligny-par-Chablis, France    
www.lamblin.com   Lot: 9612 to 9621  

Chablis is France’s most northern still wine growing region and as such can experience large variations between vintages. In 2016, the vintage quality was good due to warm weather through August to harvest. The bad news is that the region was hit by frost on April 27th. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it hailed twice on May 13th in the south of Chablis, and on May 27th in the north. Production was half that of a normal year with some fields losing the entire crop. Lamblin Fils owns vineyards and buys grapes from growers who have been working with Michel and Didier’s parents and grandparents. Michel and Didier try to minimize price increases to Opimian. Although some increases are necessary for the growers to be sustainable, they are below the average in the region.


Domaine Orenga de Gaffory

  Lieu-dit Morta Majo Patrimonio, Corsica    
  www.orengadegaffory.com   Lot: 9605 to 9610 

It is a beautiful, magical place. The third largest island in the Mediterranean, it is full of contradictions. The scenery can be beautiful and rugged. Just 183 kilometres long by 83 kilometres wide, it can be swelteringly hot at the same time as ominously dark and stormy in the mountainous center. The island has been invaded and fought over for centuries, yet never really conquered. It is French, yet closer to Italy; the official language is French, but it has a language of its own. Corsicans are tough, tenacious, proud and super hospitable, but they can also be brutal. Napoleon was born there, Nelson lost his eye there and Pasquale Paoli wrote the Corsican constitution for the short-lived republic in 1755 that directly inspired the US constitution. This guest spot is in the northwest of the island, in the Patrimonio appellation. Henri Orenga de Gaffory, comes from an old Corsican family and has two passions; wine and contemporary art. The estate consists of 55 hectares. Vines are farmed by Piotr Nowicki and wines are made by Philippe Rideau.


Alimenta SRL

San Sano Poggio Maestrino, Italy    
    Lot: 9601 to 9604 


The Calì family owns properties around Tuscany in both the Chianti Classico and coastal Maremma regions. The different terroirs and proximities to the sea allow Sangiovese to express its different characteristics.



The Wine People

Puglia, Sicily & Abruzzo, Italy    
www.twpwines.com    Lot: 9558 to 9568


The Wine People team is led by Stefano Girelli and is based in Trento, in northern Italy. Stefano has vineyards and contacts in Puglia and Sicily, and produces unbeatable value wines.



Avenue SRL

  Termeno Alto Adige Südtirol, Italy    
      Lot: 9569 to 9599


Werner Walch’s family has been selling and making wine at Tramin in Alto Adige for generations. Indeed, the winery was founded by the Walchs in 1869 in a former Jesuit monastery. Werner’s wife Elena joined him in the 1980s and developed a reputation for making excellent wines. She is now handing over the reins to their two daughters, who have already built a new winery across the way. Werner runs the merchant business, sourcing wines throughout Italy.