Wine Review

Most wines improve with age; knowing when it has reached its peak can be challenging, even for the avid wine lover. Opimian’s Maturity and Drinkability ratings make us unique - they give you a good idea of when it’s best to drink your wines. Every year, we provide an update on the M&D ratings in our Wine Review. 


We update the Wine Review every year. This process includes: 

  •  Updated Maturity and Drinkability ratings
  • Updated tasting notes prepared by Master of Wine Jane Masters and other wine experts
  • A list of all wines that should be consumed within the year (otherwise known as 10 10 wines) 

Once the Wine Review has been completed, we update the M&Ds for all wines in Your Wine File - you can easily review these updates there. 

Or, if you're curious to see what our Masters of Wine have to say about your wine, click here and find out how your wines are evolving.