Terms and Conditions


To receive an Opimian membership, you must be of the legal drinking age designated by your province or territory of residence.


An Opimian Membership includes:

Each Opimian membership is issued to 1 name but can be valid for up to 2 people. 

Opimian’s Board of Directors reviews every membership application and has the power to revoke membership as it sees fit. 

New Membership Fees

The total annual fee for a membership is $109 plus applicable taxes. This figure includes the initial setup fee of $40 and annual dues of $69. Opimian is a not-for-profit organization and uses annual dues towards operating costs. 


Barring promotions that extend membership durations, all memberships expire December 31 of the year they were issued. 


Annual renewals begin in September. Opimian offers 2 renewal options:

Invoice ($69+tx): Opimian will send you an invoice for a membership renewal. This renewal is processed upon payment.  

Automatic ($63+tx): You can opt-in for automatic renewals on the website, by phone, or by email. Automatic renewals process your payment automatically during the first two weeks of December. Automatic renewals process every year unless you opt-out. 

If you forget to opt-out of an automatic renewal prior to billing, Opimian gives you until February 28 of the following year to cancel your membership for a full refund. 

Membership Cancellation

To receive a full membership refund, a membership can be canceled from the time you signed up or renewed until February 28 of the following year. Cancellations can only be made by phone or email. Refunds are issued by method of payment. 

Payment Methods

Payments for memberships, orders, and wine programs can be made by check or any major credit card except Capital One and Visa Debit. 

Ordering Wine

Orders are made via Cellar Offerings, which are issued 9 times throughout the calendar year. Available both in print and online, Cellar Offerings catalogue more than 500 exclusive wines and include order forms. Orders can be made online, via email, post, fax, or phone. 

Order Pricing Structure

Because alcohol taxes vary depending on province or territory, pricing conforms to the liquor board of the province or territory from which an order is placed.

Canceling an Order

If a wine is not to your liking we encourage you to contact an Opimian Wine Concierge. Refund times depend on when the cancellation request is made. 

Delivery Time

At the time of your order, your wines are still at the producers’ wineries. Partners and provincial/territorial liquor boards take care of the shipment. On average, deliveries take between 4-6 months from the closing date of the Cellar Offering but can vary depending on your province or territory. 


When you become an Opimian member, you are assigned a pickup location based on your home address. If you desire a different location, contact the Opimian head office by phone (800.361.9421 or email ([email protected]). 

The liquor board of your province or territory advises Opimian when your wine is ready for pickup. Once Opimian is informed of the delivery, it will email you a pickup notice that is to be printed and handed in at your pickup designation. 


IMPORTANT: Neither Opimian nor liquor boards are permitted to ship alcohol across provincial boundaries. Your wine can only be delivered to the province from which it was ordered.

If you move within the same province after placing your order, Opimian can reroute your wine to a new pickup location. Depending on when you inform Opimian of an address change, delivery times may be prolonged. 

Address or pickup locations can be changed online, by phone, or email. 


If you are moving to another province or country, you can designate a proxy to pick up your wine on your behalf. To designate a proxy, simply fill out the relevant information on your pickup notice.  

Wine Credits

The Society offers wine credits to its members which are exchangeable for the purchase of wine. The wine credits program allows members to be awarded credits as determined by the Board of Directors. Such credits are applicable as a reduction to future wine purchases. Wine credits are available in an ex-member's account for a period of five years at which time they will be voided..

Wine Programs

Opimian offers three unique wine programs. These programs provide members with cases curated by Opimian’s Master of Wine. Wine program prices vary depending on province or territory. When signed up to a wine program, members are billed automatically 9 times throughout the year (once every new Cellar Offering).  

Enrollment in a wine program serves as an enhancement to your membership does not prevent you from ordering from the Cellar Offering.

If enrolled, the :

Discovery Wine Program: contains 6 mixed bottles of ready-to-drink wines are shipped to your delivery location with every new Cellar Offering. 

Select Plus Wine Program: contains 6 mixed bottles combining ready-to-drink wines and bottles for cellaring are shipped to your delivery location with every new Cellar Offering. 

Founders’ Choice Wine Program: contains 6 collector bottles for aging that are shipped to your delivery location with every new Cellar Offering.


Each Opimian promotion is subject to its own terms and conditions that may vary depending on province or territory. Promotions are subject to change without notice. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Opimian stands by its wines with a Satisfaction Guarantee. To start the satisfaction guarantee process, contact your Concierge. 

Area Representatives

Area Representatives (ARs) are Opimian’s on site presence in the community. There are 26 Chapters defined mostly by geography. The size of each chapter varies from 115 to over 2,000 members.

ARs are responsible to represent Opimian in the community by providing the following services:

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Privacy Policy

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Contacting Opimian

Opimian’s hours off operation are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

General Information
[email protected]

Wine Concierge
1-800-361-9421 x208
[email protected]

Orders and Deliveries
1-800-361-9421 x206
[email protected]