Opimian Tours

 2017/2018 Opimian Tours

Opimian is pleased to offer members intimate tours to wine-producing countries around. These memorable experiences focus on the vineyards and people that supply the wines that we have all come to love, but also allows members the opportunity to experience the culture and scenery of their own exploring. 

We're dreaming up some new and exciting wine regions to discover in 2017-2018 however here are just a few that we are working on today.



Chile/Argentina ~ February 17 to 28, 2018 

Sabor de Vino:
A Food and Wine Discovery Tour Chile and Argentina

Avoid jet lag by heading due South to Santiago to start a 10/11 day tour of the wine regions of Chile and Argentina in mid to late February 2018. Saskatoon Area Representatives Janine and Daryl Koroluk, aided by Opimian's travel partners from Ensemble Travel Group, are putting together an exciting itinerary that focuses on visits to our long-time Opimian suppliers. Spend some time in Chile visiting the varied regions in this great wine making country. Then a short hop from Santiago to Mendoza will find you in the centre of Argentina's most important wine region.



Europe  ~ May/June 2018


Inspiring Shores
A 12 day voyage of the Mediterranean

What could be better than combining a Mediterranean Cruise with visits with Opimian Suppliers in Italy, France and Spain.  South Central Ontario Area Representative Michael Lutzmann is working with Opimian travel partner Ensemble Travel Group to put the finishing touches on a cruise that will see members meet with about 1/2 dozen or so suppliers. The tour will start on May 24, 2018 the day before boarding the vessel in Venice. With stops in Livorno, Marseille and Barcelona (among others) you will have ample opportunity to visit with Opimian suppliers either at their facilities or in the port of call.