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Our Wines

At Opimian, we believe every wine has a story to tell. A story about the region from where it comes, about the people who made it but also about those who will drink it. Carefully tasted and handpicked by our very own Master of Wine, Jane Masters, all of our wines are exclusive to Opimian and cannot be found anywhere else in Canada. Delve into our wine offering and become part of that story.Our members are all at different stages of their wine journey. That’s why we offer a wide array of possibilities when it comes to ordering wines. Whether you want to pick your choices or hop on a guided tour, you’ll stumble upon routes that suit any wine lover’s fancy.

Cellar Offerings

Cover C253 EnglishOur wine offerings are mailed directly to you nine times a year. These are the gateway to the more than 500 exclusive wines we offer. Each Cellar Offering covers specific regions, so by the end of every ordering season, you will have traveled the wine world. Alongside detailed information on the wines, you will find our Master of Wine’s tasting notes as well as food pairing tips and cellaring advice.

Wine Programs

Opimian offers three wine programs designed to enhance your membership: Discovery, Select Plus and Founders’ Choice.

Enroll in one and let us guide you through a custom wine adventure that will expand your palate. All three showcase great value for money wines, yet they do suit somewhat different interests. 

 Cultivate your curiosity & explore the wine world

Everyone’s wine journey starts with that first bottle, uncorked and poured with excitement. Knowing where to start is daunting – wine can be intimidating. That’s why we created the Discovery wine program – to help you taste everything that the wine world has to offer and find your footing. This unique mixed-case program will give you the foundation you need to challenge your palate.

Start your cellar & challenge your palate

Like wine, your palate evolves with time. With experience comes the patience to wait before opening a bottle – and the desire to start a collection of your own. Our Select Plus wine program is designed for when you first feel the cellaring bug. This remarkable mixed-case program is a combination of wines meant to rest a few months to a few years with ready-to-drink wines. 

Fill your cellar & collect premium wine

Being an Opimian means knowing that each wine in your collection has a story, or is made by a winemaker that is among the best in the world. Open your palate to the next level of premium wines. Without breaking the bank. The Founders’ Choice program is the highest stage in your wine journey. Every bottle is made for long-term cellaring, to set aside for those special moments.

**For more information on our wine programs and to enroll in one, visit our Wine Programs page.


No true wine experience is complete without delicious food and great discussions. Our events are the perfect venue to taste and sample Opimian wine, meet fellow members and learn more about the world of wine from qualified Area Representative and occasional special guests. Listed in the Events section of our website and featured in our weekly emails, these tastings are open to all Opimian members.

Members are welcome to attend any event across the country, even those outside their home province. If you are planning a vacation or a business trip, check our upcoming events to see if there is an Opimian gathering at your destination - a night out on the town with other like-minded wine lovers is a great way to unwind after your travels.

Meeting the Producers

Our producers all share a love of the vine, each cultivating it in different ways. Opimian gives you the opportunity to meet these winemakers - both figuratively and literally - and learn about the people behind the wines you enjoy. Get to know them through the Producers section of this website or by reading the featured articles in the Opimian News. Grab the chance to taste their wines in their presence and ask them questions in person at one of our producer-featured events. Want to go the extra step? Opimian offers exclusive access to winemakers all over the world so members can bring their passion to the next level. Our Wine Concierge team is always glad to set up a meeting with one of our producers whenever possible.

Our Expert Wine Resources

Jane Masters, Master of Wine

Since we first opened up our metaphorical doors, Opimian has always entrusted a Master of Wine with the selection of its wines. Representing the highest achievement in the wine industry, Masters of Wine have studied everything wine related, tasted wines from around the world and tested their palate in every way imaginable in order to pass the rigorous tests set out by the Institute of Masters of Wine. Since 2011, it's Jane Masters MW who tastes and puts her stamp of approval onto each and every Opimian bottle. This process, incidentally, embodies Opimian’s values by recognizing that wine goes beyond mere taste – behind every bottle stands a passionate human being. That’s why she personally meets all of Opimian’s producers and visits most of their vineyards.

Get to know our Master of Wine better by visiting the Jane Masters MW page.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Opimian stands by the wines we provide with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Contact our team to start the satisfaction guarantee process.


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