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Meet your new go-to wine resource – The Opimian Wine Concierge. Here to help you in any way they can, the Wine Concierge shall be your contact person for the world of wine.

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Your Opimian Concierge Team is on a constant journey to further their wine education.This includes occasionally following up on the progression of wines previously offered.  
Here are some updated tasting notes from wines featured on Cellar offering 251


Domain du Vieux Pressoir, Saumur, 2008 - Lot 5109 (C189) Founders' Choice

Almost 10 years in the bottle and this wine is still showing some vigour. The light ruby colour is starting to fade to garnet. The nose is very clean with medium intensity of aromas of red berries and sweet spice (white pepper), secondary aromas of dried fruit and raisins and tertiary aromas of the earth, dried flowers and vegetables. On the palate the wine is bone dry with Medium Tannins, Alcohol and Acidity. medium + intensity flavours of roasted green peppers, smoke, cooked fruit and dried plums are backed up by slight flavours of red berry and dried petals. The balance of acidity, tannins, aromas and flavours give this wine remarkable mouth feel and length for a wine of its age. While not available in this offering, it is similar to what you can expect once Lot 9727 has aged about 5 years.                  

Château Vignelaure, AOC Côteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, 2005 - Lot 6717 (C210) - Mixed Varietal Case

After 12 years this wine is still developing. This medium ruby wine is becoming a bit lighter on the edges. The aromas are clean with medium intensity. Plum, ripe black current and cooked dark cherries are dominant but do not overpower the aromas of wood, vanilla and black pepper. The wine is bone dry and had medium + acidity, and Tannins and medium to medium plus body and medium Alcohol. The flavours are quite intense and mirror the aromas almost to a T. This is a very good wine with a lengthy finish and excellent mouth feel. This wine can be fully enjoyed now by most wine lovers but it is suitable for further ageing. See lot 9310 for the 2013 vintage of this very fine wine.