Wine Concierge

Whether new to Opimian or a long time member, your personal Wine Concierge will help you make the most of your membership right from the start.
Reach out to your Opimian Concierge today and they will:


Meet your new go-to wine resource – The Opimian Wine Concierge. Here to help you in any way they can, the Wine Concierge shall be your contact person for the world of wine.

Opimian Wine Concierge Services are just a phone call, e-mail or a click away. You can contact your Opimian concierge at:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-361-9421 ext. 208
Facebook: Carl Bird Opimian Wine Concierge                 
                  Myriam Bennett Opimian Concierge

Your Opimian Concierge Team is getting ready to taste two wines available on Cellar Offering 250.
Be sure to keep your eyes open for these updated tasting notes.