Wine Programs

Develop your palate at each stage of your journey



What is a Wine Program?

When you sign up for one of our wine programs, you never miss an order or a Cellar Offering. We automatically place an order on your behalf .You will see the order in your Wine File at the close of each Cellar Offering - from there, the process is exactly the same as with any other order you place.

Great wines at a Great Value

Did you know that Opimian’s wine programs are curated by our Master of Wine, Jane Masters? Our two mixed case programs – Discovery and Select Plus – feature wines that are also included in the cellar offering. Both are six-bottle cases that give you the chance to discover at least three different wines on each offering from a variety of our producer partners. If you find something you like, you can take note and look for it again on the same offering next year. It is a great value added to ordering directly from the offering.
And the best part of all?
For C260 featuring Burgundy, Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence and C261 featuring Oregon, California and Spain, the overall cost of the case to you is less than the value of the wines in the case. That’s right, Opimian is giving you a great deal if you choose to subscribe to either, or both, of these programs right now. Plus, you don’t have to order three different cases to get three different wines. What could be better than that.

Our 3 Programs


What does each offering contain?

The Discovery program offers wines that you will be able to enjoy as soon as they arrive at your pick-up location. No need to lay them down and wait until they reach maturity, just chill (if necessary), pop the cork and enjoy a glass or two with family and friends.

The Select Plus program offers wines that are all very approachable and ready to drink when they arrive. But most of them could also benefit from a few years of cellaring. You can lay them down for two to four years, secure in the knowledge that they will have reached their peak by then and will be perfect for enjoying at that time.
Every Founders' Choice bottle is chosen specifically for the program, and only for this program. This premium single-wine case program is the final step in your wine journey. Each wine is made for long-term cellaring, to set aside for those special moments, like a big celebration, or a beautiful sunset.

Enroll in more than one program and save 5%

You will receive a 5% off the least expensive case when you decide to receive two cases from the same wine programs or sign up for two different programs. There’s nothing you have to do. The 5% discount will be issued in the form of an Opimian credit. Credits will be automatically issued within one week from the closing date of each Cellar Offering and deposited directly into your Opimian Account to be used on any Opimian activities including wine orders, attending an event, renewal of your membership and more.