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Our members come from all different backgrounds, from across the country. Our passion for wine connects us – even so, we understand that everyone is at a different place in their wine journey. Opimian exists to help wine lovers learn more about wine and experience as much as possible, conveniently and easily.

Opimian’s wine programs are designed to help you develop your palate at each stage of your journey. It starts with Discovery; once you’ve cultivated your curiosity and explored the wine world, you can graduate to Select Plus – the “next level” mixed cases, with both ready to drink wines and wines for aging. After you’ve challenged your palate and started your cellar, it’s time to start collecting with Founders’ Choice – premium wines available exclusively through this program.

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Cultivate your curiosity & explore the wine world

Everyone’s wine journey starts with that first bottle, uncorked and poured with excitement. Knowing where to start is daunting – wine can be intimidating. That’s why we created the Discovery wine program – to help you taste everything that the wine world has to offer and find your footing. This unique mixed-case program will give you the foundation you need to challenge your palate.

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Select Plus

Start your cellar & challenge your palate

Like wine, your palate evolves with time. With experience comes the patience to wait before opening a bottle – and the desire to start a collection of your own. Our Select Plus wine program is designed for when you first feel the cellaring bug. This remarkable mixed-case program is a combination of wines meant to rest a few months to a few years with ready-to-drink wines. 

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Founders' Choice

Fill your cellar & collect premium wine

Being an Opimian means knowing that each wine in your collection has a story, or is made by a winemaker that is among the best in the world. Open your palate to the next level of premium wines. Without breaking the bank. The Founders’ Choice program is the highest stage in your wine journey. Every bottle is made for long-term cellaring, to set aside for those special moments.

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